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The geothermal realm presents its own unique challenges. With our wireline / E-line and slickline services, benefit from the fusion of advanced technology and seasoned proficiency. Uncover solutions tailored to address the specific needs of geothermal industry experts.

Wireline & Slickline Services


  • Temperature and Pressure Measurement:
    High temperature, Pressure Temperature Surveys (PTS)
    Surface read out (SRO) PTS
  • Logging and Inspection Services:
    Cement Bond Logs
    Acoustic Borehole Imaging (ABI)
    Caliper and camera surveys
  • Intervention and Remediation Services:
    Wireline broaching, fishing, casing, perforating and tubing severing
    High Temperature Perforating
    Radial cutting torch
    Bridge plug setting
    Free-point and back-off services
  • Sampling and Specialised Tubing:
    Fluid Sampling
    Capillary Tubing Services from 1/8” to 3/4”

COMPREHENSIVE SERVICESFor Demanding Geothermal Challenges

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Temperature & Pressure Readings

Real-time and precise temperature and pressure surveys, enhancing operation and risk detection in extreme geothermal conditions.

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Real-time Surface Data

Relay crucial subsurface data to surface operators using our SRO PTS, enabling swift and informed decision-making.

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Detailed Subsurface Insights

Gain comprehensive data on subsurface lithology and casing collar locations using our advanced Gamma & CCL logging solutions.

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Visual Wellbore Inspection

Our caliper and camera surveys to identify obstructions, wear points, or other wellbore anomalies, allowing for timely interventions.

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High-Temperature Expertise

Achieve accurate and efficient perforations even in extreme temperature conditions with our specialised solutions.

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Precise Interventions

Utilise our radial cutting torch for meticulous cuts, ensuring seamless modifications and minimising operational downtime.

EXTREME SUBSURFACE CONDITIONSTemperature and Pressure Monitoring

Geothermal environments present extreme temperatures and pressures. Without precise measurements, operations face inefficiencies and risks. Our cutting-edge offerings in this domain can help you navigate these challenges:

  • High temperature, Pressure Temperature Surveys (PTS): With equipment designed to withstand geothermal conditions, our PTS tools provide accurate, real-time temperature and pressure readings. This enables optimal operations, early detection of anomalies, and timely interventions.
  • Surface read out (SRO) PTS: For operations that require instant data relayed to the surface, our SRO PTS offers real-time monitoring. It ensures that operators on the surface can make informed decisions quickly, ensuring safety and efficiency.
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Maintaining the integrity and performance of geothermal installations hinges on in-depth insights into subsurface structures and conditions. We offer world class services that provide the comprehensive views you need:

  • Cement Bond Logs: Our advanced tools evaluate the bond between casing, cement, and formation. This ensures proper isolation and identifies potential problem areas, optimising the performance and safety of your wells.
  • Acoustic Borehole Imaging (ABI) Our high-resolution ultrasonic imaging provides a comprehensive view of the borehole wall, enhancing wellbore evaluation and reservoir characterization. This detailed data supports informed decision-making for optimal outcomes in geothermal exploration.
  • Caliper and camera surveys: Using state-of-the-art equipment, our surveys offer a visual inspection and detailed measurement of the wellbore. This helps in identifying wear points, obstructions, or other anomalies, allowing for proactive interventions.

GEOTHERMAL HAS COMPLEX CHALLENGESIntervention and Remediation Services

Effective interventions are crucial to maintain productivity and safety. Our specialised offerings tackle a range of geothermal challenges:

  • Wireline broaching, fishing, casing, perforating, and tubing severing: Whether you need to retrieve a stuck tool, open up a pathway, or perform targeted perforations, our comprehensive wireline services are designed to handle complex scenarios with precision.
  • High-Temperature Perforating: For operations that demand perforation in high-temperature environments, we offer solutions that maintain accuracy and efficiency, regardless of the extreme conditions.
  • Radial cutting torch: Our cutting-edge tool provides precise cuts, ensuring that modifications or interventions are done seamlessly, minimising downtime.
  • Bridge plug setting: Securely isolate sections of your well with our reliable bridge plug setting services, enabling safe and efficient operations.
  • Free-point and back-off services: Identify stuck points and release or back-off from tools or tubulars without causing damage or compromising well integrity.
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Sampling And Specialised Tubing Solutions

GEOTHERMAL FLUID ANALYSISSampling and Specialised Tubing Solutions

Fluid properties can greatly influence performance and outcomes. Inaccurate sampling or improper tubing can lead to distorted data and inefficiencies. Our state-of-the-art services ensure the most reliable and accurate data for your operations:

  • Fluid Sampling: Capture pristine fluid samples from geothermal reservoirs. Our advanced tools ensure that the samples remain uncontaminated, offering clear insights into the subsurface fluid properties and conditions.
  • Capillary Tubing Services from 1/8” to 3/4”: We provide a range of specialised tubing sizes to cater to specific geothermal applications. These ensure optimal fluid flow, longevity, and resistance to harsh conditions, facilitating effective and efficient operations.

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From advanced temperature and pressure measurements to intricate logging and inspection services, our cutting-edge Wireline & Slickline Solutions are engineered to meet your most demanding geothermal challenges.

Whether you’re facing obstructions downhole or require pinpoint perforating, our Wireline & Slickline services are here to ensure seamless operations.

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