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BRINE AND STEAM SAMPLINGUnderstanding Your Wells

Our expert team specialises in brine and steam sampling, enabling comprehensive well chemistry analysis, well inspection, and efficient monitoring. Through our meticulous approach, we empower you with essential data to optimize geothermal operations and make informed decisions.

Our Field Sampling Services


Our Field Sampling services go beyond routine data collection; we offer the following services:

  • Field Sampling:
    Brine and steam sampling for well chemistry analysis.
    Use of advanced tools to ensure uncontaminated sample collection.
  • Fluid Sampling:
    Capture of pristine fluid samples from geothermal reservoirs.
    Advanced methodologies to maintain sample purity, providing clear insights into subsurface fluid properties and conditions.
  • Well Inspection and Monitoring
    Dedicated team for well inspection and consistent monitoring.
  • Well Completion and Production Testing
    Comprehensive production testing package.
    Services include test design, operation, and interpretation.

This knowledge is essential for effective reservoir management, allowing you to maximise productivity and harness the full potential of your geothermal asset.


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Uncompromised Sample Integrity

Suffering from contaminated samples? We utilise advanced tools for pure brine and steam sampling, ensuring genuine well chemistry analysis.

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Geothermal Fluid Clarity

Struggling to understand subsurface fluid properties? Capture pristine samples from geothermal reservoirs with our specialised methods.

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Comprehensive Field Analysis

Concerned about field sample contamination? Our methods guarantee uncontaminated collection for authentic results.

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Continuous Well Monitoring

Need reliable eyes on your wells? Our dedicated team offers consistent well inspection and monitoring, ensuring operational integrity.

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Full-Scope Production Testing

Unsure about your well’s performance? Avail our all-encompassing production testing package, from design to interpretation.

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Expert Test Implementation

Seeking seamless test operations? We provide end-to-end services including test design, hands-on operation, and in-depth interpretation.

DATA-DRIVEN EXCELLENCEGeothermal Fluid Analysis

Accurate and pure samples are the cornerstones of in-depth analysis. Western Energy stands at the forefront of delivering these essential Analysis:

  • Field Sampling: Our brine and steam sampling processes, equipped with advanced tools, ensure uncontaminated sample collection, setting the stage for detailed well chemistry analysis.
  • Fluid Sampling: Dive deeper with our methods that promise the capture of pristine fluid samples from geothermal reservoirs. Our advanced methodologies guarantee sample purity, unveiling clear insights into the subsurface conditions and fluid properties.

Turn sampling challenges into opportunities for growth. Our precise and uncontaminated approach unlocks the secrets of the subsurface.

Well Inspection, Monitoring, And Testing
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TAILORED TOP-TIER SERVICES Well Inspection, Monitoring, and Testing

Geothermal well management demands expertise in rigorous inspection, diligent monitoring, and comprehensive testing. Western Energy emerges as your trusted partner in achieving these:

  • Well Inspection and Monitoring: With a dedicated team at the helm, we offer consistent well inspection and monitoring services, ensuring your geothermal assets are always at peak performance.
  • Well Completion and Production Testing: Beyond mere completion, understanding the capacity and efficiency of your wells is paramount. Our comprehensive production testing package encompasses test design, operation, and interpretation, providing you with a holistic overview and actionable insights.

With Western Energy by your side, every well challenge becomes an opportunity for greater understanding and enhanced performance.

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Experience the transformative power of Western Energy’s Field Sampling services. Contact us today to unleash the full potential of your geothermal projects and propel your operations toward geothermal excellence.

Whether you’re seeking precise subsurface insights or aiming for uncontaminated sample collection, talk to us about our Field Sampling services for your geothermal project

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