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We help you maximise well performance throughout its entire life cycle. Whether it’s designing and executing operations for a single well or project managing a complete campaign, our in-house engineers, project managers, and expert operations teams work collaboratively with you to deliver exceptional results.

Expect nothing less than expert, comprehensive, and well Intervention solutions that elevate the value, efficiency, and production of your geothermal projects.

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COMPREHENSIVE SERVICESWell Intervention Services

We can design and execute an operation on one well, or project manage a complete campaign of services:

  • Routine Maintenance & Upkeep
    Live-Well Clean Out
    Valve changes
    Air/nitrogen lift
    Casing scraper runs
  • Well Recovery & Enhancement
    Fishing operations
  • Specialised Interventions & Modifications
    Well quenching
    Casing milling
    Well abandonments


COMPREHENSIVE SERVICESFull Service Well Intervention

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Specialised Well Interventions

Rely on innovative techniques for specific scenarios, ensuring continued success even when faced with unique well challenges.

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Overcoming Geothermal Obstacles

Address complexities and unexpected challenges efficiently with our targeted well recovery and enhancement strategies.

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Optimal Well Functioning

Regular upkeep ensures longevity, safety, and peak performance, backed by our dedicated and experienced team

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All-in-One Well Solutions

From routine maintenance to specialised interventions, we provide a complete spectrum of geothermal well services tailored for your needs.

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In-depth Geothermal Know-how

Leverage our unmatched expertise for maximum well performance and exceptional results throughout its entire life cycle.

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Seasoned Geothermal Mastery

Partner with us to harness decades of experience and knowledge in geothermal operations, ensuring top-tier results every step of the way.


Regular upkeep ensures longevity, safety, and optimal performance. Ensuring that geothermal wells run smoothly demands specialised routine checks and maintenance. Our experienced team offers the following essential services:

  • Live-Well Clean Out: Keeping the wellbore clear of obstructions is crucial. We employ advanced techniques and equipment to ensure a clean wellbore, preventing potential challenges and ensuring smooth operations.
  • Valve Changes: Valves play a pivotal role in controlling the flow and ensuring safety. Our team can efficiently change valves, ensuring that they function optimally and adhere to safety standards.
  • Air/Nitrogen Lift: Enhancing the flow of fluids from the well is crucial for consistent production. Our air/nitrogen lift services ensure that there’s a steady and safe upward movement of fluids, improving efficiency.
  • Casing Scraper Runs: Over time, well casings can accumulate debris, which can hinder operations. Our casing scraper runs help clean the internal surface of the casings, maintaining the integrity of the well and ensuring uninterrupted operations.
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The complexities of geothermal well environments demand specialised interventions. From unexpected obstructions to optimising well performance, our expertise ensures your operations are at their peak. Here’s how we can support you:

  • Fishing Operations: Geothermal wells can face unexpected obstructions or equipment malfunctions. Our skilled team is equipped with advanced tools to safely and efficiently retrieve or remove lost equipment and tackle obstructions.
  • Stimulation: Over time, geothermal well performance might decline due to natural factors. Our stimulation services can revitalise the well, enhancing permeability and restoring optimal flow paths. This ensures sustained and improved geothermal energy extraction.
  • Acidizing: Minerals and deposits can impede a well’s performance. Our acidizing process carefully dissolves these impediments, restoring the well’s natural flow and maximising its productivity. Our methodology prioritises safety and environmental consciousness, ensuring sustainable operations.

ADVANCED GEOTHERMAL WELL SOLUTIONSSpecialised Interventions and Modifications

As a geothermal well progresses through its stages, it encounters specific scenarios necessitating specialised interventions. Rely on our team to bring forward tailored strategies for those times when routine practices don’t meet the mark.

  • Well Quenching: Geothermal wells can sometimes pose threats due to unexpected pressure build-ups or other anomalies. Our well quenching solutions offer a safe and efficient way to normalise these conditions, ensuring the longevity of your operations and minimising potential risks.
  • Casing Milling: When casing integrity is compromised or modification is needed, our specialised casing milling techniques step in. We ensure that the milling process is conducted with precision, preserving the overall structure and health of the well.
  • Well Abandonments: When the time comes to retire a well, it’s essential that it’s done right. Our abandonment services ensure that wells are sealed off safely and environmentally consciously, preventing any future hazards and ensuring compliance with industry standards.
  • Cement and Chemical Lab: We have a dedicated laboratory with a suite of equipment for testing all things for cement and chemical stimulation. We can formulate cement slurries as required, measuring thickening times, compressive strength, fluid loss, rheology amongst other tests. The chemical stimulation equipment can test efficacy in dissolving well specific scale.
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From meticulous maintenance activities to recovery and enhancement solutions, our state-of-the-art Well Intervention Services are tailored to tackle your geothermal challenges head-on.

Whether you’re dealing with routine upkeep or need specialised modifications, our well intervention techniques stand ready to ensure smooth and effective operations.

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